Wednesday, January 25, 2017

HELP!  Anyone seen me? I am lost and need to find a way home!!  My 6th Great grand daughter is frantically looking for me!

My 5th great grandfather Benjamin Fernald from Kittery, Maine, married Sarah Beaver about 1767.  All we know about Sarah is that she was born in Boston in 28 Feb 1744 to John and Sarah per the Massachusetts Town and Vita Records 1620-1988.  Simple huh?

Now here’s the rub – Family Search confirms (and 2 other sources as well) that John Beaver married Sarah (Hawkins) in Baltimore County, Maryland, 1749. If these are her parents – she was 5 years old when they married?? Cannot find any trace of John and Sarah in Boston except on Sarah’s birth record.

AND as it turns out, there are more Beavers in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York then in the Boston area in that time frame or before.  They could build several dams across the Mississippi with all the Beavers!  I have found that in the 1600s 3 men with the surname of Beaver immigrated into Maryland – Frances, Charles and Richard.  Only 1 into Boston, a “Mr. Beaver” in 1766.

What’s a girl to do???

Does ANYONE have Beavers in their tree?  Any answers you can provide will be extremely helpful. 

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